BGIT Hackathons: Code for A Cause

The Brown Girls in Tech Code-for-A-CauseĀ is a hackathon where developers, designers, students, newbies and pros can come together to collab on projects that help support brown girls in tech recipients. Each year, an open list will be launched for entrepreneurs in the community to sign up for to be selected as the agency of choice. The event itself will provide codesters with an opportunity to give back to a small business owner while also providing them with a chance to highlight their technical skills, work with fellow codesters and learn something new. Mentors will be on hand to assist and guide newbies and pros as needed.

The BGIT Hackathon is an open event (all interested participants are welcomed) that promotes gender equality and bridging the gap in the technology and start-up spaces. It is a hackathon, so the work developed during the event will be presented by the codesters and judged by an experienced panel of judges. All participants will be rewarded for their contribution, but additional prizes will be awarded to the CodeStars!

The length of the Hackathon will vary but will be publicized. Registered participants can form and enter in their own teams or be grouped into a team on the day of the event. A team of 1-4 codesters is the recommended team size. The session will include introductions from the host/sponsors/mentors following by pure coding by the teams. Once the teams have completed their project, they will present their work to the panel of experts for judging. Following recognitions, prizes will be awarded and codesters will get the chance to celebrate and network with other participants.

  • Teams of 1-4 codesters
  • Intros by host/sponsor/mentors on the chosen platform/technology
  • Coding sessions with lots of snacks
  • Presentation round for teams to show off the results of their work
  • Judging by the panel of experts
  • Awards & Recognition
  • Networking