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The Brown Girls in Tech MENTS Program focuses on the engagementeducation, and empowerment of influential brown women in technology and entrepreneurship. The core of our philosophy involves both mentorship and sponsorship for brown women and girls as they are groomed to take their positions at the table. BGIT MENTS takes a three-tiered approach in its reach in an effort to create valuable interactions across demographics. However, each program level is designed to serve as a support for one another rooted in our organization’s primary vision to “Empower. Connect. Succeed.”:

  • BGIT Members: Professional Women
  • BGIT CAMPUS: College Students
  • Brown Girls Code: Girls up to High School Graduation

Each program is detailed below:


Focused on entrepreneurial women who hope to hone their business skills, as well as increase key technical skills needed to advance in the workplace.

This program not only includes skill-building elements, but also a developed mentorship network that focuses on leadership, career enhancement and encouragement, while also opening doors and creating advancement opportunities through sponsorships.


BGIT CAMPUS is a program for College women that focuses on attracting and retaining future brown girl talent in the technical fields, providing crucial career advice and networking, and introducing entrepreneurial and technical skills that will benefit students as they enter the professional world.

Chapters under the guidance of our Global executive team can work with their local universities to create campus chapters that exist alongside BGIT chapters. Members can choose to be paired directly with someone in their desired field for one-on-one mentorship opportunities and can also choose to serve as mentors to our Brown Girls Code members.


Brown Girls Code is a program for girls (ages 8 to 18). The club focuses on the next generation of girls in technology and STEM fields in an effort to increase knowledge and enthusiasm for the fields, as well as empower young girls who are interested in entering them. The Club meets twice each month during the academic school calendar.

Programming includes workshops in various technology and STEM fields – coding, cybersecurity, robotics, cyberbullying prevention, etc. – as well as the development of entrepreneurial and leadership skills.

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