Where were you when you wrote your first line of code?

I experienced so much gratification from that simple line. Not because I wanted to tell the world ‘hello’… but because the line of code that I created actually worked. This is what sparked my interest in coding.

It sounds quirky now… but before that…I couldn’t remember any other experiences where I actually was able to create “something from nothing”. It was pretty surreal for me and I have been hooked ever since.

A simple line of code and now I am going forth to change the world.

Empowerment can set the most defeated personĀ on a path to greatness.

It starts with a belief, a thought.

And why is that surprising?

…really it’s not because we were all created by God, the Creator.

And Creators create. I have to believe that he put a little bit of that in each of us.

At least that it what I can feel inside of my own heart. <Smile>

Well, I thank you for reading our first post.

Hummmmm….I wonder how many of you will be inspired enough to create ‘something from nothing’ just from joining me on this DGP Journey.

Wow…Just the thought of your future testimonials is enough to empower me to meet you in this space again tomorrow.

And one day, I will be able to say <“Hello (insert your firstĀ name)!”/>

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