Our Vision

Brown Girls in Tech (BGIT) is focused on the education, engagement and empowerment of brown girls and women who are passionate about technology and entrepreneurship. Our goal is to accelerate the growth of brown girls in tech by preparing them with the skills and resources to start a career in tech, build a successful startup and/or pursue their entrepreneurial ventures. BGIT offers workshops, online labs, hack-a-thons, conferences, entrepreneurial training, and other events that continue to enhance and increase the talent pipeline in STEM careers globally for brown women and girls.

Our Mission

  • To EMPOWER brown girls to pursue a career in tech, build a startup and/or apply their digital skills as entrepreneurs.
  • To CONNECT Brown Girls in Tech through events, bootcamps, web networking, conferences and accelerator opportunities.
  • To equip brown girls with the skills and resources to SUCCEED through exposure, networking and mentorship.

Tech e-Learn Academy

Global Classroom

Tech e-Learn (TELA) serves as an online learning platform designed to educate, empower and inspire brown girls and women throughout the world.


Code for A Cause

 a hackathon where newbies and pros come together to collab on projects that help support brown girls in tech recipients (i.e. small business owners)

BGIT Workshops

Workshops & Events

Quarterly workshops and events will serve as opportunities for BGIT members to demonstrate their training abilities and technical expertise during 2-4-hour workshops and/or online events.

MENTS Program

MENTS’ philosophy involves a three-tier approach for both mentorship and sponsorship for brown women and girls as they are groomed to take ‘a seat at the table’. 

BGIT Conference


This event will celebrate brown women in tech at various levels in their careers. Enjoy a weekend of networking and empowerment. Join our list to stay updated on this conference.

PITCHer Perfect

Start Up Pitch

PITCHer PERFECT is a ‘must-attend’ startup competition for female entrepreneurs, investors, engineers, and designers who explore trends in innovation and technology.

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